PTA Expenses Made Easy

The simple, easy, fast way to manage expense requests for your parent-teacher organization

Ditch paper forms and checks

Configure PTA cash for the bylaws for who approves what in your organization

  • No account required for teachers submitting expenses.
  • Notifications to all signers for new expenses to review.
  • Automatic generation of digital expense approval and electronic payment forms. Send reimbursements directly from your bank's bill pay system.
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Receipt formats


Role types


Signing stages

How it works

Getting started is easy. And reviewing expenses is even easier.


Setup your PTA with a few basics like the name and address.


Add your logo and any special instructions for submitting requests.


Define who reviews, signs, and approves requests.


Give the custom link to your members to submit their expenses.


All required signers get notified when new requests come. Sign right in the app and authorize electronic payments.


Audit and review historical expenses. Upload your budget and track spending.


Everything you need from the expensive general purpose solutions, plus feature specifically catered to the unique needs of a PTA.

Login-free submission

Your teachers and members don't need to create an account to submit expenses. Just fill out the form and go.

Budget Matching

Submitters suggest a budget category when submitting their expenses. You update if needed and see how much budget remains before approving in real time.


Designate chair positions that pre-approve expense requests for specific categories.

Process Tracking

Keep your workflow in sync and track progress. Record when an expense is paid and recorded in the books.


We know you'll find PTA Cash to be the absolute easiest way to manage expenses for your organization. Find out for yourself and try it free for 3 months.

Free Trial

$0 / 3 months

  • 20 expenses
  • Budget tracking
  • Custom signatures
  • Live onboarding and support
  • 7 year history


$1000 / year

  • unlimited expenses
  • Budget tracking and pre-approval
  • Custom signatures
  • Live onboarding and support
  • 15 year history

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can PTA Cash be configured to have alternate signers?

    Yes, the signing rules are highly configurable. You can require one signature from your treasurer and one signature from either your president or vice president. You can also require any two signers from a pool of four. But these are just a few common examples.

  • PTA Cash records electronic signatures from your designated board members on two specific PTA forms:

    1. A request for reimbursement form that you are likely familiar with.
    2. A co-signed authorization for EFT / Bank Bill Pay - this then allows you to send a check via your bank's bill pay system as you've collected the multiple signers approval as required by your organization's bylaws.

  • Once a request is ready for your signature, you'll receive an email letting you know something needs your review. This means that if you've configured your organization to have a chair pre-approve, check-signers approve, and an auditor sign for review, each person will get a notification when the people in the previous roles have completed their review.

  • At the end of every fiscal year, each user is asked to renew or retire their position in their role. This leaves their name and signature attached to all of the requests they signed while a new person can take over that email account and begin signing as a new person.

  • Once the new person holding that position signs into the account, they will be asked to retire the old user on their behalf. At that point, they can setup their own name and signature and begin reviewing requests.


We'd love to talk if there is anything we can answer or help with. Shoot us a note.

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